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Children’s Dentistry in Columbia, TN

Titan Pediatric Dentistry is pleased to provide pediatric dental care in Columbia, Spring Hill and surrounding communities of Middle Tennessee. Our pediatric specialists provide children with comprehensive dental care that focuses on high-quality care at affordable prices. We strongly believe in eliminating the barriers that so often limit access to quality care. Titan Pediatric Dentistry offers convenient hours, affordable prices and a great location.

We are an “in-network” provider with 15 PPO dental insurance plans to help you maximize the valuable dental benefits you pay for every year. Also, our in-house, no credit check / no interest payment plan called Easy Pay, provides a financial plan for those patients who need a little help bridging the cost of care. At Titan Pediatric Dentistry, we try very hard to make sure the care your family receives is both high quality and easy on your pocket book.

Titan Pediatric Dentistry looks forward to serving you!

Titan Pediatric Specialists

Breanna Barnes, DMD, MPH, MDS

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Dr. Breanna Barnes is originally from the Kansas City area.  She attended the Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health, where she obtained both her Doctor of Dental Medicine and Master of Public Health degrees. During dental school, she participated in several pediatric rotations, which inspired her to pursue a career that focuses on treating children and helping the underserved.  Dr. Barnes completed both her pediatric dentistry residency and her Master of Dental Science degree at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, Tennessee.

Dr. Barnes and her husband, Jake, have lived in several cities, but ultimately decided to settle in Franklin to be close to family.  They have two children, Beau and Lillie, who are 18 months apart and keep them on their toes. Dr. Barnes and her family love to spend their weekends hanging out with family and hiking the trails of Edwin Warner Park.

Fun Facts:

Question: What motivated you to become a dentist?
Answer: I knew I wanted to do something in the healthcare field and that was hands-on.  Dentistry is the perfect mix of incorporating medicine and art.

Question: What do you enjoy most about being a dentist?
Answer: What I enjoy most about being a pediatric dentist is having fun while I’m helping others. I love getting to know the patients, bonding with families, and watching their children grow.

Question: An interesting and unique fact about you?
Answer: I am really into scary stuff. Once my husband and I stayed in a haunted house called the Sallie House in Atchison, Kansas for a night by ourselves. We even brought a ghost detector and our camera to record any movement, which ended up going off in the middle of the night!

Justin Chaffin, DMD

Justin Chaffin is a pediatric specialist in Columbia, TN

Dr. Justin Chafin is a board-certified Pediatric Dentist. Born and raised in Florence, Alabama, he is a graduate of Lipscomb University in Nashville where he met his wife, Kayla, who was born and raised in Columbia, TN. He attended The University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Dentistry where he obtained his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree. Following dental school, he attended New York University College of Dentistry and graduated with his Certificate of Advanced Education in Pediatric Dentistry.

He loves meeting and getting to work and hang out with kids and their families every day. He and Kayla have a daughter named Lenora and a shih tzu named Willow. In their spare time, they enjoy travelling, trying new restaurants, hiking, camping, and being outdoors.

Fun Facts:

Question: What motivated you to become a dentist?
Answer: I love the balance of dentistry. The medical aspect of dentistry, the hands-on aspect of physically doing the work, the social aspect of getting to know patients and their parents, and the emotional aspect of fixing someone’s smile!

Question: What do you enjoy most about being a dentist?
Answer: I really love working with my hands while also getting to hang out and interact with fun kids.

Question: An interesting and unique fact about you?
Answer: I bought a new car a couple of years ago and ended-up in a wreck shortly after I rolled off the lot. The car was totaled. With the insurance money, I bought the exact same model car. When I was driving the replacement car a few weeks later, I ran out of gas. Later on when I was in a store, someone backed into the car and dented one of the doors while I was shopping. Sometime after that, it was stolen from a valet service at a hotel where my wife and I were staying.  The thieves had trashed the car and ran into something that resulted in more damage to it. The car was ultimately recovered by police and returned to me. Shortly after it was repaired, it was broken into while parked on a street in Nashville. This car has been through a lot but I still drive it to this day!